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The Essence of Swara Yoga According to the Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

Within the fabric of ancient spiritual teachings, swara yoga  provides a clear path towards inner tranquility and self-exploration. Sri Amit Ray is a highly esteemed spiritual master and a famous AI scientist and author who is widely recognized for his profound wisdom and teachings on meditation, compassion, mindfulness, and the ancient practice of Swara Yoga.…
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The 108 Chakras

The 108 Chakras System and How to Activate Them

To activate the 108 chakras, you have to know the names, locations, mantras, and functions of the 108 chakras. The 108-chakra system includes the 7 basic chakras, 96 primary chakras inside the body, and 5 universal chakras outside the body. The 7 traditional chakras are the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and…
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Greatest Tennis Quotes

The Greatest Tennis Quotes in the History of the Sport

Are you looking for the best tennis quotes? Here, you will get the greatest tennis quotes of all time. The reasons why you love tennis can be difficult to articulate at times. Nevertheless, one of these tennis quotes will surely assist you to be inspired. It should come as no surprise that some of the…
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Education The Divine Fire

Top 10 Famous Education Quotes for Teachers and Students

Here are the best education quotes to improve your life. What is education? What is its fundamental nature? The greatest minds throughout history have attempted to explain it with their words and profound thoughts. Learning only by gaining knowledge from books is not the pinnacle of education. It is something deeper. Let’s examine the real…
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Yoga means addition; addition of energy, strength, and beauty to body, mind and soul. – Amit Ray

Top 10 Yoga Quotes of Sri Amit Ray

You’ve probably come across several yoga quotes of Sri Amit Ray over the years. I’ve always enjoyed the precision, profoundness, and pragmatism of his quotes. Amit Ray’s words of wisdom have stood the test of time on a number of broad topics. For this collection of yoga quotes, I’ve arranged them by key themes including:…
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Joy of Human Rights

Human Rights Day 2021: Stand up for Equalities and Eliminate Discriminations

Human Rights Day 2021: It is observed on 10 December globally. The theme of Human Rights Day 2021 is EQUALITY – Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights. The day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights empowers us all. There are 195…
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A Plastic Free World a better World

Plastic Free Living A Commitment for Better World – Sri Amit Ray Quotes

Welcome to our inspirational collection of quotes on plastic free living and about trees, mountain, birds, forests and plastic free world. We hope they inspire you to care even more about environment conservation and to get out and enjoy the Nature’s amazing beauty even more often. If you like them, please share and link back…
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Beauty of yoga Sri Amit Ray Quotes

Sri Amit Ray Quotes: Yoga is the Space where Flower Blossoms

Sri Amit Ray is the embodiment of love, kindness, happiness, and positive vibrations. In this article, we will explore the meaning of his famous yoga quotes in the light of modern research. Practicing yoga is said to come with many benefits for both mental and physical health, which brings flow and beauty in life. “Yoga…
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mantras and the petals of the chakras

7 Chakras Beej Mantras for Mediation and Balancing

Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds of 7 chakra awakening meditation programs. And in the process, we’ve found that the vast majority of meditation students have several problems of kundalini awakening and preventing them from doing well in career as well as spiritual life. So, I thought it would be helpful to provide a list…
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Chakras The 112 Divine Dimensions

112 Chakras: The Mystical Dimensions in Human Body

Sri Guru Amit Ray once said: “When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the…
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The Chakras Explained The Prominent Chakra Traditions

The Chakras Explained – The Prominent Chakra Traditions

The Seven chakra system and Sri Guru Amit Ray’s 114 chakra system are most authentic and most popular in India and in the modern Western world. Buddhism generally teaches four chakras. Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism teaches five chakras. Kabir described the 8th chakra above the head, as seat of  Supreme.

United Nations Human Rights Day Quotes

Human Rights Day 2020: Inspirational Quotes and Significance

Human Rights Day 2020: It is observed on 10 December globally. The theme of Human Rights Day 2020 is to “Recover Better – Stand Up for Human Rights”. The day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights empowers us all. There are…
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10 Mindfulness Quotes of Gautama Buddha and Saint Amit Ray

10 Mindfulness Quotes of Gautama Buddha and Saint Amit Ray

Saint Amit Ray taught mindfulness to many people to achieve joy and happiness in life.  Teachings of Gautama Buddha are the divine lights of the humanity.  Their  teachings inspires for millions across the world. Kindness, love for all living creatures, and mindfulness are the key elements of their teachings. Let’s discover together how  their teachings…
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10 Life Lessons from Saint Amit Ray Teachings That Will Change Your Life

10 Life Lessons from Saint Amit Ray Teachings That Will Change Your Life

Saint Amit Ray taught many people how to achieve enlightenment. His teachings are inspirations for millions across the world. Forgiveness and compassion for all living creatures are the two pillars of the Amit Ray’s teachings. Let’s discover together how his teachings will change your life. Ray advises everybody to spend a little time in Nature…
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Origin of the Chakra System

Origin of the Chakra System: The History and the Legends

The history of the chakra system goes back to the Indus valley civilization, around 1500 and 500 BC. Probably the most well-known of the Mohenjo-daro seals is the “Pashupati” seal describes the chakra system for the first time. Where a three-faced being wearing horned headgear is seated in a yogic trance, surrounded by Indus animals…
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