7 Chakras Beej Mantras for Mediation and Balancing

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7 Chakras Beej Mantras for Mediation and Balancing

mantras and the petals of the chakras

Over the years, we’ve conducted hundreds of 7 chakra awakening meditation programs. And in the process, we’ve found that the vast majority of meditation students have several problems of kundalini awakening and preventing them from doing well in career as well as spiritual life. So, I thought it would be helpful to provide a list of mantras for the 7 chakras.

In today’s article, I’m going to address 7 mantras for balancing and healing your energy system optimally.

mantras and the petals of the chakras

Mantras and the petals of the chakras

Number of chakras

Chakras are the psychic energy centers in our body through which energy flows.  How many chakras are there in human body? Sage Sri Amit Ray  discovered that there are 114 chakras in human body. All the 114 chakras can be activated by the mantras.  The seven chakras along the central nervous system are very powerful. Each of the seven chakras has its own vitality and is related to our emotional well-being. If you want you can do 12 chakras meditation also with these mantras.

The lower chakras ( root, sacral, and the solar plexus) are associated with all that is earthly, finite, and material.

The upper chakras (throat, third-eye, and the crown) are associated with all that is infinite, universal, and cosmic. The fourth chakra (heart) is at the center of it all, connects us to our world and the humanity, and our infinite consciousness.

Mantras for the seven chakras

  1. Muladhara  – Root Energy Vortex. Mantra – “LAM“. Element: earth. Energy: safe, grounded. Affirmation: I am strong.
  2. Svadisthana  – Sacral Energy Vortex. Mantra – “VAM”. Element: water. Energy: in the flow. Affirmation: I feel great.
  3. Manipura  – Solar Plexus Energy Vortex. Mantra – “RAM”. Element: fire. Energy: self-mastery. affirmation: I do the best.
  4. Anahata  – Heart Energy Vortex. Mantra – “YAM”. Element: air. Energy: love, compassion. Affirmation: I love myself.
  5. Vishuddha – Throat Energy Vortex. mantra – “HAM”. Element: ether. Energy: creativity, expression, purification. Affirmation: I communicate with others efficiently.
  6. Ajna – Third eye energy center. Mantra “OM”. Element: transcendent. Energy: mind. Affirmation: I have a clear vision.
  7.  Sahasrara – Crown chakra. Mantra: Inner Silence. Element: nothing, everything, and all that is between and beyond that. affirmations: I am connected.

7 Chakra Mantras

Sage Sri Amit Ray once said

“The petals of the 114 chakras can be activated by the mantras. The mantras can purify your subconscious mind and bring you out of the negative thought patterns. In the stillness of your mind you can dwell in your pure being.” – Sri Amit Ray

The Bottom-line

Here are the top 7 chakra beej mantras for opening and balancing the chakras. You can do meditation and kundalini kriya with these mantras.

Need Help with Chakras?

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