7 Rules of Happiness Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

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7 Rules of Happiness Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

7 Rules of Happiness Sri Amit Ray Teachings

These incredible words of wisdom derived from the teachings of Sri Amit Ray will help you live your life fully and with utmost inner happiness.

7 Rules of Happiness Sri Amit Ray Teachings

7 Rules of Happiness Sri Amit Ray Teachings

Many people are so scrambled in their day-to-day life that it is tough for them to find happiness. As we see around, there is suffering and complications. Sri Guru Amit Ray gave us some rules to not just live a life but to be comfortable in every situation of life and happy as well.

1. Beautify your inner dialog

Your inner dialog and words can bring revolution or destroy life. The component that you cannot change is your words. It will have an impact, now it is up to you what influence you want to have on the world. Choose your words very carefully, do not gossip or insult others. Use your words and thoughts to comfort a hurting soul. Give a piece of advice to a disturbed mind and provide counsel to lead people on the right path. Happiness and satisfaction that comes with it is peaceful and long lasting.

2. Spread the love and light in the world

Spread the love and light in the world. Never forget that you are the energy that can lights up the world. Avoid using foul language instead develop the strength to stand with the love, compassion and truth. The light of truth and compassion are the brightest light of all. Make sure you follow the right path under this light.

3. Positive mindset

Suffering does not mean pain but also a constant demanding, inadequate feelings and the state of the impermanence of pleasure and happiness. Keep a positive mindset, not just for the world, bust also have a clear viewpoint for yourself. Start by knowing yourself in and out and then by the art of acceptance. Everything starts with self-love, love yourself and everything else will fall in place.

4. Come out of the repetitive negative thoughts

Humans tend to recreate their cycle of suffering repeatedly by following the same patterns of thoughts and actions, without understanding that there is a way to emancipate from it. Don’t just believe anything just because you saw it or you heard it. Always live a life according to the underline wisdom, values and vision you have built.

5. Meditate to connect with the Source

Meditation is the most powerful tool to tune your mind. Your mind has the power to do anything you set it to. Practicing regular meditation is very useful. Meditate to talk to your soul, feel it, and know it. The solution to every problem is within you. The answer to every question can be found in deep meditation.
You can release yourself from suffering by letting go of your desires and negative understandings. Connect to your mind, to the supreme love, the source, ask for the happiness that you are seeking and you’ll find it all in you permanently.

6. Add values in your actions and thoughts

You are the children of God, filled with love and peace. Develop values in your thoughts and actions that will inspire you to work for making this world a better place.
Sometimes, you end up tunneling a hole so deep that it is hard for us to find a way back home. Today humanity have created a world, where it is difficult for everyone to live happily. The world needs less moneymakers but more peacemakers with love of all kindness. To be happy is to give others, be the reason for a smile for others and you will find the sunlight of happiness.

7. Positive efforts and intentions

Efforts that make this world a better place for you and the entire human race is the right effort. Everyone is living and doing hard work towards their own development. The thing that we often overlook is that real and constant happiness tests us to step up and put in some efforts that are not just for your family and friends but also to bring about some positive changes in the world.
Do things that make you a better person and motivate others to be a better kind of themselves. When you see the impact of your efforts and the change that your hard work brings, satisfaction and happiness arises. The world is in constant need of healing energy. Your positive efforts that can heal the wounds of the world that are deep and untouched.