Power of Gazing at the Third Eye | Saint Amit Ray Teachings

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Power of Gazing at the Third Eye | Saint Amit Ray Teachings

Power of Gazing at The Third Eye Amit Ray Teachings

The third eye is the gate that opens to the connection to the higher consciousness and the inner worlds. In higher states of awareness, your consciousness becomes focused at the spiritual eye, which is located in the prefrontal lobes of the brain. Third eye gives us an inter-contentedness between our spiritual energy and physical energy. It is known as the sixth chakra located in the middle of the forehead closely associated with the pineal gland. It governs intuition sleep telepathy awareness and much more. It helps us in tapping our inner wisdom and develop links with the spirit.

Awakening the Third Eye Amit Ray Teachings

Awakening the Third Eye Amit Ray Teachings

The development of inner vision requires practice and gradually it build some new ‘organs’ of energy, of which the third eye is a master key. These new structures are not physical, nevertheless they are very real and tangible. Once fully developed, the perceptions coming through them appear clear, sharper and far more substantial than those coming from the physical senses.

“Gazing at the third eye can elevate your perceptions to more subtle levels.” — Amit Ray

I learnt deep third eye meditation from Saint Amt Ray.  The upturned gaze should not create any strain or pressure on your eyes. Feel that your eyes are relaxed and resting in this upturned position, or that your gaze is being attracted in that direction.If you have any headache during the practice, close your eyes and become aware about ten to fifteen centimeters above the top of the head. There is a center of energy, a chakra, in this area. It is not the crown chakra, it is the one above it.

1. Power of the Third Eye

Your intuition and higher wisdom come alive when this energy center is fully open and balanced. It requires a pure heart and a precise technique. But whatever your level may be, just a few seconds of closeness to the beings of higher hierarchies will prove to be an immense source of inspiration. Indigo, which is also known as Royal Blue, is the color of the third eye chakra. Indigo acts as a bridge between heaven and earth, between the left and right hemispheres, and between life and death. Illusions are broken, and dreams are integrated into your life. You start to experience the feeling of wholeness. You begin to enjoy a sense of tranquility and inner knowing.

Third Eye

2. Activating the Creative Mind

Creativity is a very efficient way to loosen your rational mind – you know, the mental chatter that comments every step you make to see whether it’s right or wrong, that tends to control every action with a specific agenda and intended outcome. Seeing life through your “creative eyes” provides a clear sense of how you are connecting to yourself and the outside world and how effectively you feel into the path ahead, rather than forcing a direction based on fear, and old habit patterns. Creative energy moves within us from head to toe and beyond, it helps us to take a deeper look into the energy flow within and between the chakras.

Great spiritual master Sri Amit Ray said “The connection between the sacral chakra and the third eye is key to creativity.”

The Sacral chakra, associated with the Adrenal glands; regulates the immune system. The Sacral Chakra represents the flow of life, with physical connections to necessary life-sustaining body organs.The pineal gland is linked to the third eye chakra.

3. Cultivating the Power of Intuition

Because the third eye is the main seat of higher levels of perception and intuition. One way to look at it can be “fake it until you make it.” In other words, be curious, learn about these intuitive techniques. In time, these otherwise esoteric practices will appear more familiar, and you will gain more confidence in your own abilities.

Third Eye Chakra and creativity

Third Eye Chakra and creativity

For third eye opening you don’t need to take this seriously – actually, the opposite is recommended. Have fun, explore, and most importantly, keep your mind and chakras open to possibility and wonder.

4. Source of Inspiration

Because third eye perception elevates your senses to more subtle levels. Some call it “the space in between”, psychic abilities, the realm of the invisible. To be able to listen to the messages and information that comes through your third eye, you should be ready to perceive the whisper of its wisdom. If your mind is busy or noisy, you might miss its main message.

Things You Will Experience When Your Third Eye Is Opening

  1. Increasing pressure at the temples.
  2. Increased awareness.
  3. Headaches.
  4. New perceptions.
  5. You practice conscious eating.
  6. Increased sensitivity to light and sound.
  7. Clear and vivid dreams.
  8. You see the real truth in things.
  9. You start thinking more seriously about the future.
  10. You begin to see unity in things.
  11. You notice a lot of synchronicity.

With your third eye opening you experience a change in beliefs mindset values vision and passion. These changes are beneficial as they make you become a better version of yourself you become more tolerant understanding selfless and loving. You begin to drop some things that you felt as priorities and adopt new ones you now know the light and the darkness around you. With your third eye opening you experience increased awareness. Gradually you start having this sense of awareness of things around you and your intuition sharpens. With the guiding light you move through a correct path.