Human life and Artificial Intelligence | Vision of Sri Amit Ray for 2020

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Human life and Artificial Intelligence | Vision of Sri Amit Ray for 2020

Artificial Intelligence Vision 2020 Amit Ray Quotes

Artificial Intelligence Vision 2020, is the foundation for contemplating future possibilities and our destiny in future. Notable AI scientist Dr. Amit Ray in his book Compassionate Artificial Intelligence, has taken AI to a new height and created a new compassionate AI movement all around the globe. In Amit Ray’s vision of Artificial Intelligence, future AI should serve to awaken in all of us around the world a greater awareness of the fusion of human values, intelligence, cultural and spiritual strengths in machine – which should form the foundation of future accomplishments in AI.  AI Vision 2020, can serve to indicate the broad lines of policy and strategy by which AI can be used as far stronger, more prosperous and more equitable society in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence is the technologies that simulate intelligent human behavior in machines. The AI technology is gradually changing the nature of war as well as human relationships. It will change how we teach, grow our food, and treat diseases. It will change the society as a whole.AI is a threat as well as blessings to the society.

AI is rapidly spreading throughout civilization. AI is also posing inevitable challenges to the society. New AI focused hardware and chipset technologies like GPUs, AI CPUs, FPGAs, and neural network processing units are playing their pivotal role in building cloud based compassionate AI systems. We need to think big and take bold action to harness the technology’s potential for compassionate society and address the forthcoming challenges of humanity.

Amit Ray believe, it is possible to create software for a digital computer that enabled it to observe its environment and to learn new things, add social values, interact with human in a compassionate way. More than playing chess and understanding and speaking a human language, AI systems should be enriched with higher human qualities that we value. He said, “compassionate intelligent machines should be more human than human.”

“Artificial Intelligence is not just learning patterns from data, but also building deep understandings about human emotions, values and sufferings.” – Amit Ray

Compassionate Artificial intelligence, commonly referred to as AI 5.0, gives machines the ability to learn from experience and perform cognitive tasks, emotional understandings, loving and caring interactions with humanity, the sort of stuff that once only highly evolved human brain seemed capable of doing.

Compassionate AI is “primarily the results of our attempting to understand and emulate the way that the human heart and brain works and the application of this to giving intelligence and compassion-like functions to otherwise autonomous systems (e.g., drones, robots and intelligent agents)”.

Top Ten Technologies of Compassionate Artificial Intelligence

The core technologies for Compassionate Artificial Intelligence and AI Vision 2020 of Sri Amit Ray are as follows:

  1. Deep Compassion Algorithms of Amit Ray, utilizes big hybrid reinforcement learning and deep learning networks to cultivate compassion and values in machine.
  2. Deep Emotion Algorithms utilizes big hybrid deep belief networks to assess human emotions and values in machine.
  3. Deep Explanation Engine imitate the brain’s capacity to explain the reasoning process and interpretation of various results.
  4. General Machine learning tools automates analytical model building, to find hidden insights in data without being programmed to look for something in particular or draw a certain conclusion.
  5. Brain Machine Interface (BMI) is a device that enables a direct communications path between the brain and the machine to be controlled
  6. Neural networks imitate the brain’s array of interconnected neurons, and relay information between various units to find connections and derive meaning from data.
  7. Deep learning utilizes really big neural networks and a lot of computing power to find complex patterns in data, for applications such as image and speech recognition.
  8. Cognitive computing is about creating a “natural, human-like interaction,” it includes using the ability to interpret speech and respond to it.
  9. Computer vision employs pattern recognition and deep learning to understand the content of pictures and videos, and to enable machines to use real-time images to make sense of what’s around them.
  10. Natural language processing involves analyzing and understanding human language and responding to it.


We are entering into 2020 with new hopes and inspirations. Over the past decade, AI. has made significant advances, both technically and in the public consciousness. Year 2020 is going to bring the most amazing technologies. Dr. Amit Ray, introduced the DeepCompassion algorithms in 2018. Now, in 2020 the stage is ready for the implementation of compassionate artificial intelligence technologies for human benefits in larger scale.

You can Download the PDF file of the Full Report on Artificial Intelligence Vision 2020.


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