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Compassion arises in the clear light of soul. Misery is due to loss of connection to the source. Meditation and compassion re-establish that connection. -- Amit Ray

Effortless Effort The Art of Meditation | Amit Ray Teachings

Sri Amit Ray says that meditation should be spontaneous with effortless effort, any excessive effort can be counter-productive. . Even effort to settle down the mind, would promote mental activity. He suggested that the mind can be restless because it may be continuously seeking something – greater satisfaction and fulfillment. He said, “When you are…
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A compassionate heart radiates rays of beauty that removes the clouds of million hearts. -- Amit Ray

You Must Shine Wherever You Go | Amit Ray Teachings

Sri Amit Ray said, “You will shine wherever you go – just carry the light of compassion in your heart.” He is the bright morning star in my sky. Some stars in the heaven are always in their fixed locations and are stable to guide people in the right directions. Amit Ray is the morning star in the sky of compassion. If a sailor cannot find his way in the sea at night, all he needs to do is lift up his eyes and look to the stars above to help him find his bearings, and then he will know which direction to go.

Compassion is contagious. Every moment we choose compassion, we move towards a better world. -- Amit Ray

God is My Strength and My Song | Amit Ray Teachings

Saint Amit Ray said, “Compassion needs strength, but with all limitations, compassion is my strength and my song of life.” Compassion is the drive for the highest level of evolution. In my journeys of compassion his teachings helped me a lot. I have developed a new fire in my heart for helping people and do experiments with compassion in my own way.

Sleep and brain function

How Sleep Improves Brain Functions Recent Researches

Sleep improves brain functions in many ways. Sleep deprivation can damage DNA and the body’s ability to repair the damaged cells.  Sleep is essential for both cognition and maintenance of healthy brain function, and slow waves in neural activity contribute to memory consolidation. Sleeping is an integral part of our life, our brain generates two…
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Do not fear I am with you - I am, the timeless Supreme Self in you – I am, the all-pervading divine consciousness in you. -- Amit Ray

Do Not Fear I Am With You | Amit Ray Teachings

Teachings of Saint Amit Ray, repeatedly says about fearlessness and anxiety-free life. Today, morning I was contemplating on one of his word, “Do not fear I am with you – I am, the timeless Supreme Self in you – I am, the all-pervading divine consciousness in you.” His teachings helped me a lot, to come…
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You are the light of the world, when your compassion radiates and pervades the world. -- Amit Ray

You Are the Light of the World | Amit Ray Teachings

Saint Amit Ray ‘s teachings of compassion and love are like light to the world. My heart is like a mirror that reflects His light to the world – like the moon that only reflects the light of the sun. Light is a metaphor for life here. It is a metaphor for seeing the invisible.…
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Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it. -- Amit Ray

Top 10 Life Lessons From the Teachings Of Sri Amit Ray

Sri Amit Ray is a spiritual master. He is also famous for his contribution in Compassionate Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Machine Learning. His effort and contribution for nuclear weapons free world is well known. He is inspiration for many and a leader of compassion, love, positive vibration and simplicity.

Forgiveness Purifies our Soul Amit Ray Quotes

The Secret Power of Forgiveness | Amit Ray Teachings

Saint Amit Ray said,”Forgiveness purifies our soul. It can transform our trapped negative energies of violence into the positive energies of love. As fasting activates autophagy and heals our body, forgiveness activates auto-metamorphosis and heals our soul. Forgiveness gives you a higher path. Forgiveness is the act of love and embracing the totality, not running…
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In one equation you can solve all the puzzles of life. It is the equation of giving. -- Amit Ray

The Secret Power of Giving | Amit Ray Teachings

Saint Amit Ray taught me the power of giving. Once he said “In one equation you can solve all the puzzles of life. It is the equation of giving.” Modern, scientific research provides increasing evidence to support the notion that giving one’s time, talents and treasures is a powerful pathway to finding purpose, transcending difficulties, and…
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Every moment is auspicious. There is always some magic in it. -- Amit Ray

Five Principles of Conscious Manifestation

Saint Amit Ray said “Every moment is auspicious. There is always some magic in it.” You can manifest many things in your life by reprogramming your subconscious mind. He said “Moment and the positive affirmations are the keys to manifestation. Moment to moment non-judgmental and non-attached mindfulness about your intentions and desires are the main…
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