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Mindful leadership keeps you cool and energetic in any situation, so that you can make the best possible decisions. -- Amit Ray

Leadership to Overcome Opposition | Amit Ray Teachings

When you fight for a noble cause and you know that you’re doing the right thing you’ll face the opposition. How to conquer the opponent? Sri Amit Ray always said, “Whenever you face opponent, conquer them with love.” As Einstein remarked, “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”. The opposition may make everything…
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101 Best Meditation Quotes of The World

101 Best Meditation Quotes of The World

Unbiased selection of 101 best meditation quotes of the world is a challenge. There are thousands of meditation quotes to inspire us. Some are very ancient, and some are the most modern. Some are from the great masters of the past like Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi, St Francis of Assisi, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and…
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120 Best Compassion Quotes

120 Best Compassion Quotes and Inspiration

Love, compassion and kindness are never wasted. Looking for the best compassion quotes? We’ve compiled a list of top 120 quotes and inspirations about compassion and kindness to help inspire you. Top Compassion Quotes “Compassion has certain vibration – vibration that resonates with the cosmos.” – Amit Ray “If you want others to be happy,…
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Every day, bring some flowers to your life. Every day bring some blessings in someone’s life. -- Amit Ray

Five Top Mindful Self-compassion Exercises | Amit Ray Teachings

The ancient teachings of karuna (compassion) and ahimsa (non-violence) is more valid in the modern world. The compassion teachings of Sri Amit Ray towards human harmony, inner peace and wholeheartedness is well known throughout the world. Here, I discussed the top five popular Sri Amit Ray mindful self-compassion exercises and meditation techniques. They are: Compassionate…
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Third Eye Activation Light Body Amit Ray Quotes

Eyes the Windows of Your Soul | Amit Ray Teachings

Eyes are called the windows of the soul. Sri Amit Ray said, “Once the third eye is activated, your highest fields of the light body are illuminated, and the rainbow body is activated. Your higher consciousness aligns you with true purpose in life. To awaken the windows of your soul, you need to stop the…
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In each breath you are born again - a new life, a new story, a new celebration. -- Amit Ray

7 Steps Diaphragmatic Breathing for Anxiety Reduction

Diaphragmatic breathing removes the “fight or flight” or stress response from the body. Diaphragmatic breathing reduces anxiety and depression. Slow-breathing training with a breathing rate at 6 breaths/min, meets the key requirements of diaphragmatic breathing. Belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing can help you use your diaphragm properly. Do belly breathing exercises when you’re feeling relaxed…
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Beauty is the moment when time vanishes and eternity arises. -- Amit Ray

Meditation in the Beauty of Nature | Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

Sri Amit Ray’s teachings on the beauty of nature made me sensitive towards life and beauty. Nature is one of the key forces that brought me back to life. Now, I love nature. My view points about life has changed. I was suffering on anxiety, and depressions – but nature has helped me a lot…
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Manipura Chakra and Brain

Mystery of The Manipura Chakra | Amit Ray Teachings

Manipura chakra  is located behind the navel. Vayapini nadi is the principal component of the manipura chakra. Manipura chakra activates the anti-inflammatory pathway and inhibits stress. Manipura chakra  and the brain communication system is established through the vayapini nadi. Stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system but vayapini nadi inhibits it. This solar plexus chakra gives…
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Seeking God Everywhere Amit Ray Quotes

I AM – The Light Within | Teachings of Sri Amit Ray

“In seeking God, you discover she is now-here and everywhere – in every heart, in every breath, in every thought, and in every pulse of the Universe. You are neither the body nor the mind, and the love of the self in you is the love for the God in you – the supreme witnessing self.” — Amit Ray

Compassion arises in the clear light of soul. Misery is due to loss of connection to the source. Meditation and compassion re-establish that connection. -- Amit Ray

Effortless Effort The Art of Meditation | Amit Ray Teachings

Sri Amit Ray says that meditation should be spontaneous with effortless effort, any excessive effort can be counter-productive. . Even effort to settle down the mind, would promote mental activity. He suggested that the mind can be restless because it may be continuously seeking something – greater satisfaction and fulfillment. He said, “When you are…
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